Mary Parslow, Dawson Creek, B.C.

Mary Parslow is a mother and grandmother who lives with her husband in northern British Columbia. She surrounds herself with things she loves – family, nature, and art. Mary is currently following her passion for printmaking. She is interested in responding to nature, relationships and the local context by using bold colour and expressive line to achieve a dynamic image that reflects the essence of the subject. As an eight-year-old, Mary declared that her ambition was to be an artist. She attended school in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England and went on to study art and education in London. Mary has contributed to the public sector as a primary school teacher, special education teacher-consultant, a graphic facilitator, and an Anglican priest. With her enthusiasm for artistic expression and education, she continues to teach and take art classes whenever possible.

Mary is the first artist with whom I collaborated to create a DonaBona card. When I saw her award-winning raven print “On a Mission” I saw the possibilities of creating art cards that are colourful and Canadian. We have collaborated on many cards since: This Way (Raven), Terra Fortis, The Highwaymen (created to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway), Mighty Peace, Birds of Canada, Alaska Hotel, Becca’s Buffalo (acrylic painting created for her RCMP daughter, Rebecca), and Jazzy Owl (created for her daughter, Jane).

– DonaBona founder and card designer, Sharon Krushel