Gwen Tomlin, photographer, Didsbury, Alberta

Gwen Tomlin

Didsbury, Alberta

Gwen Tomlin is a photographer with the passion and patience required to capture the perfect pictures of wildlife that make you pause in wonder.

Gwen’s fascination with nature started while growing up on a farm in rural Ontario, where she spent countless hours exploring fields, swamps and lakes with her brother.  This love of the outdoors continued after moving to Didsbury, Alberta in 1984 and raising two boys.

One year her husband gave her a camera for Christmas and she began photographing wildflowers. Today she enjoys photographing many aspects of nature but is drawn to the challenge of capturing wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Gwen says being in the outdoors with her camera brings peace and restores her sense of aliveness and awe of God’s creation…those same feelings she experienced as a kid.  She believes appreciation is the first step towards preserving our wildlife and environment and hopes her photos inspire a connection with nature for you.

You can see Gwen’s pika (rock rabbit) pictures here. Her images of the wild horses of Alberta are featured in four of our cards: Wild Horse Wisdom, Laughing Horses Birthday Card, Mares & Foals, and Mother’s Day Mares & Foals.

See more of Gwen’s photos on Facebook at Gwen Drake Tomlin.

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