Jazzy Owl


Acrylic Painting by Mary Parslow, Dawson Creek, B.C.


My daughter, Jane, has had a “thing” about owls since she was a little girl. I am not sure if it was the poem “The Owl and the Pussy Cat,” which we recited over and over, or just the quiet mystery of the owls she grew up seeing in the Peace Country where we live.
I had been working on an animal painting for her sister, Rebecca, and when I asked Jane what she would like, she said, “An owl!”
They are fascinating creatures, with their wide-eyed human-like gaze, their preference for darkness, stealth-coloured feathers, and their subtle haunting cries as they glide through the evening sky.
For the sake of contrast and artistic fun, this Jazzy Owl for Jane is designed to be “a real hoot” and not stealthy in the dark!

Mary Parslow is an award-winning printmaker, artist and teacher and a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She gets together on a regular basis with fellow artists in the Peace Country, Flying Colours Artists Association, to create and learn. Her works of art are a translation of her response to her environment.
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