Terry Buchanan

Terry Buchanan

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Terry Buchanan grew up with a love and appreciation of nature and animals. Art has always been a deeply spiritual and therapeutic freedom of expression for her.

After living in various parts of Alberta, B.C. and New Zealand, Terry is happy to finally come home to the Peace Country.

Studying animal spirit guides lead to the creation of the paintings, “Strength in Totems” and “Totem Tale.” Terry felt drawn to certain animals and their totems. 

Hummingbird: spreading joy, love and playfulness
Butterfly: personal transformation
Dragonfly: change, adaptability
Spider: creativity
Squirrel: goals and preparation
Crow: magic and mysteries
Turtle: groundedness, patience
Loon: tranquillity, serenity
Owl: wisdom, insight, intuition
Canada Geese: valour, devotion, loyalty
Badger: strength, powerful expression
Wolf: intelligence, instincts
Skunk: living authentically, self-respect
Beaver: ingenuity, persistence, and Otter: inner child

These paintings can be found in her card Pilgrim’s Journey – greeting and Pilgrim’s Journey – blank