Becca’s Buffalo


Acrylic Painting by Mary Parslow, Dawson Creek, B.C.


Story on the back of the card:
I have been enjoying painting lately, especially since my daughter, Rebecca, asked me to paint her a buffalo to put up in her office. She is a sergeant in the RCMP and she wanted to have the RCMP logo up on the wall.
“But Mom,” she said, “I don’t want just any brown, realistic, ordinary, buffalo. I’d like one with lots of colour, shapes, and pattern in it.”
I love producing art that makes my family smile, and I found myself grinning as I painted this fellow.
May the colourful characters in your life make you smile too!
Mary Parslow is an award-winning printmaker, artist and teacher and a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She gets together on a regular basis with fellow artists in the Peace Country, Flying Colours Artists Association, to create and learn. Her works of art are a translation of her response to her environment.
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