Birds of Canada


5″x7″ Linocut Art Card

Linocut prints by Mary Parslow, Dawson Creek, B.C.



On the back of the card:

Cover: The Canada Jay (a.k.a. Gray Jay or Whisky Jack) was declared Canada’s national bird in 2016.
Inside images: Red-tailed Hawk, Chickadee, Swans, Fragile Fierce Beauty (Saw Whet Owl), Magpie Tale, and Ruffled Raven
Left: Ravens in Flight

Artist’s Statement:
Birds are wild, free to fly anywhere, and clothed in the most amazing covering of feathers. I love birds and often think, “O for the wings, the wings of a dove.”  Yes, I’d fly away, over the hills, trees, lakes, and mountains; just to glide with the wind and see what I could see.
Second best, because I’m not a bird, is to watch them, take photos and make art work that somehow reflects their wildness and their antics.
My husband and I have long been birdwatchers, bird feeders and bird photographers. We have many kinds of bird houses, boxes and bushy homes for the local birds which have even been known to land on our toes as we sit and have coffee on our deck.
I hope you enjoy this card which reflects our love and enjoyment of our feathered friends.
Limited edition hand-pulled prints are available