DōnaBōna.ca Founder – Sharon Krushel

I live on the north end of the beautiful town of Peace River, AB where I hiked with our dog, Ben, in the hills almost every day for 15 years. Now I walk with Mylo, a very energetic Border Collie Bernese Mountain dog cross. I will be forever grateful for their eager companionship on our beautiful wildlife trails.

During a very difficult time in my life, a wise counselor compassionately suggested, “Look for the pieces of light in your life.” I began taking photography classes so I could capture some of the beauty around me, especially a wild tiger lily or a group of spring leaves back lit by the sun. I didn’t realize it at the time, but photography was becoming my therapy. My desire to share that light led me to start designing cards to accompany my photography exhibits. I am a musician, and I find designing a card to be like writing a song. The images are the melody, and writing a greeting, finding quotes, and writing stories for the back of the card is like composing lyrics.

My admiration for the work of other Canadian photographers and artists led me to start a Canadian card company. Most of the cards purchased in Canada come from outside of Canada. I love images that celebrate the diverse, unique beauty and culture of “the true north strong and free,” and I have a passion for promoting Canadian artists and helping them earn a living at what they do best. I delight in collaborating with other artists and writing and sharing their stories and the stories behind the images in the creation of a good gift.

Dōna is Latin for gift. Bōna means good. I believe a beautifully designed, well chosen real card is a rare and cherished gift when it helps people connect and communicate care, encouragement, empathy, celebration, love, blessing, and in some cases, just a good laugh.

Randall Wiebe, the artist who taught me photography, came up with “Give from the heart with Canadian art!”

People tell us they send our cards all over the world. We would love to hear from you! Where in the world have you sent a DonaBona card?