I Can Fly!


5″x7″ card and envelope

Bufflehead Duckling photos by Myrna Pearman, Lacombe, Alberta


Story on the back:
Bufflehead fledglings photographed by Myrna Pearman
Myrna got these shots after sitting for almost four hours in a drenching rain, in a leaky bird blind, on a sidehill, being tormented by mosquitoes. Finally, one duckling – apparently impatient to greet the world – jumped out of the box. The mother duck then exited the box and landed on the ground a short distance away from her cheeping brood. She began calling to the ducklings which, over a period of less than three minutes, all launched themselves out of the box and landed on the ground below. When they had all fledged, the mother gathered them close to her and then led them down a cow path to a small pond nearby.

Myrna Pearman is a biologist, author and nature photographer who lives on the south shore of Sylvan Lake, Alberta. She operates Ellis Bird Farm near Lacombe, a sanctuary that attracts over 12,000 people each summer, boasts the world’s largest outdoor collection of bluebird nest boxes, and provides habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species. Check out the website www.ellisbirdfarm.ca and land there for a visit in person if you can. At this working farm, you may see everything from goats to beaver, and enjoy beautiful gardens and trails, a Tea House/Café and a Visitor Centre.
Myrna has authored/co-authored several books.
Her most recent publication is Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide.