My First Blog Post Ever

Welcome to this new Canadian arts venue! C’mon in! We’d like the DonaBona Blog to be like a meeting place for artists and lovers of art. Imagine you’ve been enjoying the great outdoors with friends and you decide to drop in to this new art harbour. The entrance is through a bakery/deli with some comfy couches, a couple of musicians jamming in the corner, a handsome barista and the smell of good food and good vibe – kind of like Java Domain in Peace River, Alberta. Enjoy getting acquainted with some Canadian artists over a cup of something delicious, and then let them show you their heart through their art as you take a tour through the card shop, gift shop and art gallery.

Artists have a myriad of different goals and passions – to inspire, console, describe, interpret, preserve, to truly see, to sigh, to be touched by something beautiful and respond…and we’re here because we want to share our stories and artistic expressions and creations with you and with each other. is in its infancy, born out of integration of the arts and collaboration of artists. Our goal is to create a vibrant venue that is expansive but not expensive. We’re starting in northern Alberta and hope to reach out to include artists across our vast and beautiful country.

Dona is Latin for gift, and Bona means good. O Canada! We have such good gifts to share with each other and with the world!