5″x7″ Pika card and envelope

Photos by Gwen Tomlin, Didsbury, Alberta

Greeting inside:

Gather with gratitude the good gifts of life


Stories on the back of the card:

This Rocky Mountain Pika is a mini member of the rabbit family. Unlike marmots and grizzly bears, pikas don’t hibernate; they harvest their favourite plants, dry them in the sun and store them in the rocks for mid-winter meals. These furry farmers can be difficult to spot; however, if a Pika takes a peek at you over the peak of a rock in the Canadian Rockies, it might squeak “Peeeeeeeek!” at you. Then you too can sneak a peek at this adorable round-eared rock rabbit.

Gwen Tomlin grew up on a farm in Ontario and spent countless hours exploring fields, swamps, lakes and the bush with her brother. Today, she especially enjoys the challenge of photographing wildlife in their natural habitat.
“I believe appreciation is the first step towards preserving our wildlife and environment, and I hope my photos inspire a connection with nature for you.”