Where the Heart Is


5″x7″ art card and envelope

Acrylic painting by Robbie Craig, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


Story on the back:

I created this image as a way to symbolize my feelings of this past year.
For me, in the beginning, the uncertainty was like a thick fog that rolled in and consumed our day-to-day lives.
Our home immediately became our safe place to shelter from the storm.
There were days filled with grief and anxiety (blue window),
and many other moments filled with love, warmth, and hope (orange window).
The heart on the door symbolizes an outward projection of hope and safety.
My wish is for us all to continue to find peace, safety, and comfort while we weather this storm together.

Robbie Craig is a professional artist working out of Yellowknife, NT.

His art embodies the natural rugged landscape that surrounds him. With an impressionistic style that is truly his own, Robbie creates fluid and colourful pieces that have a unique and abstract feel. Robbie is grateful for his opportunity to share the essence of Canada’s diverse beauty.

Facebook: Robbie Craig’s Northern Projects
Prints / Website: www.rcraig.org