Boreal Owl


5″x7″ Owl card and envelope

Tree Product Art by Bailey Robinson, U of A Forestry Student


Story on the back:
Bailey is a forestry student at the University of Alberta.
She was chosen by DMI Peace River Pulp Division to join the Dream Internship Team for the summer of 2016. “Working with DMI in the boreal forest of the Peace Region, I have seen some unique species..and I’m amazed at how diverse our ecosystems are.”
Bailey also responded to DMI’s scholarship competition: “What is Sustainability?” She chose to express her answer in art. The Peace River Pulp Mill uses every part of the tree: wood chips are used to make pulp, and the bark and other wood waste are burned to produce steam power. Bailey used these elements to create the image of a Boreal Owl on a sheet of pulp because she has seen how the company’s sustainable harvesting practices are sensitive to the needs of wildlife.  
Bailey’s Boreal Owl piece won her a $2,000 scholarship! Her goal is to get experience in resource industries and then get her Masters in Conservation.
She will be one wise woman whoooo will help save the forest, indeed!
Royalties from the sale of this card will also help Bailey fulfill her dream.