Streets of Newfoundland


5″x7″ card and envelope

Linocut print by Lori Gregory-Connellan, Peace River, AB

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Story on the back:

“I love Canada and have been back and forth across the country four or five times. I have only made it to Newfoundland once and had an outstanding experience. The people were so friendly and welcoming. I had a great time. And the scenery! The buildings, boats, rocky shores, old slanting buildings – some of them painted brightly. I love it and can’t wait to go back again. I’m drawn to drawing it…and carving it!
”My friend from Newfoundland, Sherra Diamond, is a wonderful photographer. When I saw one of her photos of a Newfoundland street, I asked if I could use it as a reference image. I love the way the road curves away, with these gorgeous character buildings on either side, and the multitude of lines! The road was wet, people had driven through with cars and bikes, and the tracks were still there… and the poles and wires… I couldn’t wait to express all of those lines.”
Lori is a musician and artist who grew up in Calgary, studied at the University of Lethbridge, and now teaches in northern Alberta. She has four musical and artistic children who fill her life with colour and inspiration.

Lori’s linocut art print was created for a Print Artists North travelling exhibit,
Our Home and Native Land,” to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.
We have a DōnaBōna card by that name that features eleven works of art from this show, including Lori’s.