Canadian Wildflowers


5″x7″ card and envelope

Photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB


Story on the back:

“In a way nobody sees a flower really, it is so small, we haven’t the time –
and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”
– Georgia O’Keeffe, artist

These are just a few of the beautiful, delicate, yet hardy wildflowers that can be seen in Canada:
Cover: Wild Tiger Lilies (also called Wood Lilies or Prairie Lilies), purple Vetch, white Northern Bedstraw, and yellow Arnica.
Inside: Wild Rose, Lotus Corniculatus (Birds-foot Trefoil), Fireweed (the first flower to bloom after a forest fire), Trillium, Blue-eyed Grass, Wild Strawberry Blossoms, Paintbrush, Buttercups and Alfalfa, and a Spring Crocus (Pasque/Easter Flower).
Back: Flowering Dogbane (I call them Pinkerbells), Wild Violet, Wild Blue Columbine, Skunk Cabbage (I call it a Rainforest Lantern), and Blue Flax in the background.