Wild Kittens Birthday Card


5″x7″ Feral Feline Card and envelope
Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

Wishing you a purrrfectly Happy Birthday!

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Story on the back:
My father-in-law runs a machine shop that’s like a working museum near Morden, Manitoba. His secretary got three feral felines to take care of the mice that tend to sneak in. However, she neglected to get the two females spayed, and they each had seven kittens! Needless to say, the mouse problem was solved.
When we came to visit that summer, the kittens were so playful and entertaining, I couldn’t resist spending many purrrfectly happy hours watching them and photographing them from a distance. Designing the card was a challenge…so many cute kittens, so little space!