Tools of the Trade


5″x7″ Artist Birthday Card and envelope
Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

Happy Birthday!
The coming year is a blank canvas.
May you have everything you need in abundance
to create your work of art!

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This image was chosen to tour western Canada for two years with the Art of the Peace Travelling Exhibition “Home Is Where the Art Is.”

Story on the back:
While taking a painting and printmaking workshop near Fort St. John, B.C., I saw these well-used, beautiful bouquets of brushes in front of our hostess, Miep Burgerjon, and fresh creations drying on the couch in the background. As I watched our instructor, Teressa Bernard, and all of the diverse and innovative artists at work around me, I thought, “Wow! Tufts of hair attached to sticks of wood allow us to make our thoughts, ideas and dreams incarnate!”
Tools of any trade are quite magical, really. Every life can be viewed as a work of art in progress, and every birthday is the gift of a fresh canvas.