Don’t Have a Cow


5″x7″ card and envelope

Photos taken by Sharon Krushel on Brian & Gail’s ranch in central Alberta

Don't have a cow, man! It's only a birthday!

Wishing you an udderly fantastic celebration of your birth;
Milk every precious moment of life for what it’s worth!


Story on the back:
My cousin, Gail, and I grew up on farms only a mile apart. We raised pigs; her family had cattle and horses. Oh, what fun and mischief we got into! Now, whenever I go to visit her and Brian in spring, I find myself down in the straw photographing their critters, including their faithful, hard-working dog, Blue. I couldn’t resist using this suckling calf image to create a punny birthday card, but I had to discipline myself to stop after two puns. The possibilities with farm humour are endless!