Run with It!


5″x7″ little girl greeting card and envelope

Photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River Alberta


Find your joy and run with it!


Story on the back:

I offered to do a four-generation photo shoot as a baby gift for a couple in our church.
Almost two years later, we finally got the event organized with all of the family looking lovely on the cathedral lawn. I was told she loves flowers, so I gave the baby, now a toddler, a bouquet of white daisies from my rock garden and yellow gerber daisies from the local Co-op. Her eyes lit up, and off she went!
After running with the flowers in the wind, dropping them, giving them to family members and pulling some of them apart and stuffing them in her great grandfather’s jacket, the little girl’s flowers were pretty much used up by the end of this most entertaining and candid photo shoot.
How refreshing to see this childlike, extravagant sharing of joy and beauty, as if there is more where that came from – as if, with some things in life, the more you use what’s given to you and the more you give away, the more will come to you some day!