Flying in Formation


5″x7″ card and envelope
Art and card design by Sharon Krushel

Rise Above!


Story on the back:
I love watching and photographing ravens doing aerobatics. They seem to have so much fun together, flying in formation, catching an updraft, doing loops and rolls, diving, dog fighting, even flying inverted!
I’m equally intrigued with the way they interact, their vast repertoire of sounds and songs, and their idiosyncratic dance moves.
Ravens are curious Canadian characters, able to survive harsh winters because of their intelligence and skills, but not about to pass up an opportunity to rise above it all and just play!

Cover art: Embossed Mono print with Chine-Collé
In April of 2016, I was privileged to take a print making workshop with Mary Parslow from Dawson Creek, B.C. We were all having fun playing with ideas, and I used some of my raven images, a scrap of music, some torn fibre paper, gold ink on a pouncer, and a sprig left over from our Christmas tree to create the plate for the cover image. It was almost as fun as flying!