A Man and his Dream


5″x7″ All-occasion greeting card
Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel

Whatever your dream, may it truly take flight!


Story on the back:
He dreamed of flying from the time he was ten years old.
Terry Krushel spent 16 years building a two-seat airplane from plans (i.e., not a kit). The fuselage is made of steel tubing. The wings are made of wood, styrofoam and fibreglass. The cowling is carbon fibre, the windshield Lexan, and the covering is Poly-Fiber finished with polyurethane paint. It is powered with a converted Subaru engine and a three-blade prop.
It was a challenging project with many unforeseen obstacles to completion. After much innovation, planning, and perseverance, he now flies his work of art off a grass strip near Lac Cardinal in northern Alberta. He built skis as well for winter flight.
His friend took me up in a Fleet Canuck so I could photograph Terry from the air on one of his first flights.