Bleeding Hearts


5″x7″ card and envelope

Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

Greeting inside:

It is often said that death is a part of life,

but that doesn’t ease the searing pain
knowing life will never be the same
when someone you love
and hold in your heart
is gone.

My heart grieves with yours.


Story on the back:

I took my Nikon into our rock garden to capture these Bleeding Hearts in all their summer glory. I thought of my beautiful, vivacious friend losing her struggle with cancer, and I cried… How can someone so full of life and love just be blown away like that, leaving us shaking in the wind in protest and sorrow?
The inevitability of death both unites and confounds us as humans. The wound of separation will be as deep and wide as the love. Sometimes the best we can do is accept that hearts will bleed and grieve, live with compassion, and breathe life into shared precious memories as the healing begins.