Grizzly Bear Birthday Card


5″x7″ Birthday card and envelope

Photos by Royce Howland, Calgary, AB

I thought I smelled a Birthday Boy…
I did! I did smell a Birthday Boy!
It's you!
Great camouflage – you bearly look a day older.


Story on the back:
This grizzly bear was photographed in David Thompson Country, in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.
Royce Howland is an accredited photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada, and is based in Calgary, Alberta. “My home places me amidst some of the most amazing photographic subjects in the world. I also enjoy traveling to seek out new experiences. I call my work Vivid Aspect Photography, and it’s my goal to show rich, resonant interpretations of the world.” Royce also leads photography expeditions. Check out his website:
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