Wolf – Guardian Spirit


5″x7″ Canadian Aboriginal Art Card and envelope

Acrylic Painting, “Lodge of the Ancestors,” by Dave Matilpi, Grimshaw, AB


Story on the back:
Dave Matilpi was born in Alert Bay, B.C. into the Nimpkish band, which is part of the Kwakiuth First Nation. He was separated from his parents, culture and language in residential school.
As an adult, Dave began to delve into his aboriginal roots, and his art, to help youth at risk. He currently teaches Aboriginal Studies and Art at the Outreach Campus in Peace River.
Dave is also a celebrated traditional dancer and instructor. Often he is accompanied by his daughter and some of his grandchildren who carry on the tradition of dance. The wolf headdress is a significant part of Dave’s regalia.
In his painting, “Lodge of the Ancestors,” the wolf is a guide and guardian spirit.
Everyone is born with a dream, a purpose. The dream catcher around the medicine wheel represents our search for our purpose in life.
The four-colour medicine wheel represents the need to look after the physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.
Dave’s carvings, paintings and drawings, often have some aspect of the medicine wheel within.
As an Elder and Teacher, Dave offers his story, ancestral teachings, and his art to help others find their own holistic path.

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