5″x7″ kitten card and envelope

Photos by Sharon Krushel


It’s okay to be the person your cat thinks you are.


Story on the back:

Phoebe is a rescued kitten brought to Daniel and Jessie by their friend and animal lover, Crystal the Kitten Pusher. Crystal was helping find homes for critters at In the Woods Animal Rescue, Nampa, Alberta. The couple’s household has never been the same.
In addition to attacking shoe laces, Christmas trees, flying birds on TV, and the hand-under-
the-blanket monster, Phoebe loves to play goalie when the laundry basket is tipped on its side and Daniel is trying to throw socks into it.
She grabs at falling water droplets in the shower, plays fetch with her wiffle ball, charging full speed down their long hallway, and tries to catch the cat on the other side of the mirror.
Phoebe has a “boyfriend,” a cat-sized Tiger stuffie, wearing a Harley Davidson vest and shades, who sings “Born to be Wild” when Phoebe jumps on his belly.
They tried putting a lightweight harness on Phoebe so they could take her outside, but she doesn’t want to go outside. Even bribed with treats and toys, she consistently flops over in a dramatic, catastrophic gesture of defiance.
In response to the inspirational saying, “Be the person your dog thinks you are,” Daniel coined the comforting quote on the cover of this card.