January Chill


5″x7″ art card and envelope

Acrylic & Ink Art by Athena Cooper
Vancouver, B.C. and Calgary, AB


Story on the back:

Wheelchairs and snow don’t tend to do well together. During one unusually wintry day in Vancouver, when I found myself snowed in, I decided to take the opportunity to paint a frosty scene I had photographed in our neighbourhood the winter before.
For many of my paintings, it is the interplay of light and shadow that really interests me. I like finding that stained-glass quality in nature whether it’s sunlight through leaves or that dark, almost iron-wrought impression that the trees and their shadows have here.

Athena is an artist, writer, animator, video editor and web developer with a present focus on acrylic and digital painting.
You can see Athena’s art and read about the many winding roads that life has brought her down – creatively and otherwise – on her website:
www.athenacooper.ca – original paintings, art prints and more available
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