O Canada!


5″x7″ Canadian card with envelope

Photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB


Story on the back:
There is a farmer in northern Alberta whose artwork I greatly appreciate. I can only imagine the hours of care and dedication that have been invested over the years to keep the image of the Canadian flag looking freshly painted on the side of this granary. Every time I drive home to Peace River on highway 49, through snow or rain, in spring, summer, winter or fall, this tribute to Canada faithfully greets me on my journey, and I smile to think someone loves living in this great country as much as I do. God, keep our land glorious and free, and bless our farmers!

The rest of the story…

I did some sleuthing to find out how the Canadian Flag Granary came to be.

Our current Canadian flag design was adopted on February 15, 1965.
Joe Johnson built this granary and painted it red. In 1978, his son, Gilbert, decided to paint it white. When he was ¾ done, his brother, Marcel, came home from school and said, “Just stop right there. I think I can make something with that.” He marked the Canadian flag design on it and painted it. They repainted it 10-15 years later.
Daniel and Christine Aubin bought the land. Four years ago, Daniel’s parents, Jules and Cecile Aubin, repainted it for the Centennial in Falher.
Jules says, “We name all of the quarters according to who owned it before, but that half section is called, ‘The Flag.’
There is usually a family of foxes there. The pups come out and play around every spring.”