The Grateful Squirrel


5″x7″ squirrel card and envelope

Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

Greeting inside:

May you get your fill of all that’s good!


Story on the back of the card:

While exploring the boreal wilderness near Tumbler Ridge, B.C., I came upon a squirrel munching madly on a mysterious morsel. He was so intent on his delightful dining experience, he barely took notice of me getting down on my belly with my Nikon and doing a slow, not-so-stealthy army crawl towards him.
As I got closer, I realized he was eating a cashew! There must have been a careless hiker ahead of me, for who would purposely toss such a pricey nut? Regardless of the source, this little creature was in seventh heaven.
Every once in a while a serendipitous joy drops into our life and all we can do is take it in with gratitude, savour the moment, and squirrel it away as a happy