Owl Always Love You


5″x7″ Owl quilt card and envelope

Owl quilt art by Olga Kolic, Valleyvew, Alberta

Owl always love you.


Story on the back:
In April 2018, I got a call from Olga Kolic, saying she had seen the “Owlet” card I had designed featuring a linocut print of a baby owl. “I read your story on the back where you said your daughter loves owls. You may think this odd that a stranger would call you like this, but I just finished spending three months sewing an owl quilt, and I want it to go to someone who will really appreciate it.”
We met at my daughter’s restaurant, Java Domain in Peace River. Seeing Olga’s quilt about melted my heart. She had created every owl with carefully chosen and placed fabric and shapes and stitches in a way that they each had their own colour and personality – some looking wise, some looking with wide-eyed wonder, some just looking adorable…
I gratefully and stealthily bought and hid the quilt for my daughter for her birthday, and impatiently waited the required eight months to give it to her, even though she moved to Quebec in the meantime.
Before wrapping and shipping this one-of-a-kind treasure, I decided to photograph each little character so I could create a card to share Olga’s lovingly-stitched owls with the world.