Canadian Pond Hockey Card


5″x7″ Canadian Pond Hockey card and envelope

Photos by Sharon Krushel

Whatever your goals
for the coming year,
may you face the challenges,
give and receive
some excellent passes and support
see the openings,
outmaneuver the opposition
and get the proverbial puck
in the net!


Story on the back:

Photos shot at the Alberta Pond Hockey Championships, played on Lac Cardinal in northern Alberta.
(Check out their website at
It was -37˚C. when the first game started that February morning in 2011. By late afternoon, it had warmed up to -25˚C. It was so cold there were sun dogs in the sky, but the games went on, and the ice crystals continued flying off the players’ skates in the crisp sunlight as they vied for the puck.
You know you’re Canadian when…