Better Stronger Together


5″x7″ greeting card and envelope
Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel

Better, stronger, together
in love


Story on the back:
The primary source of the Peace River is Thutade Lake near the great divide in northern British Columbia.
The primary source of the Smoky River is Adolphus Lake in the northern area of Jasper National Park, Alberta.
The rivers meet and become one as they approach the town of Peace River in northern Alberta. They flow together east and north, inspiring life and sport along the way, and causing quite a splash at “The Chutes”
east of Fort Vermillion. From there, they settle down somewhat as they continue their journey north contributing to other rivers and lakes, and eventually flowing into the Beaufort Sea.
‘Tis a beautiful, majestic river with a fascinating history and a promising future worthy of protection.