Canine Eclipse of the Moon – a dog grief card


5″x7″ greeting card and envelope

Photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, Alberta


To be loved by a dog is one of life’s great honours…

To say good-bye to such a faithful companion is one of life’s great sorrows.

There is deep gratitude for the creature connection you’ve cherished

and gut-wrenching grief over the fresh hole in your heart.

In this time of loss, feel free to howl. This is the Canine way.


Story on the back:

I took the cover photo of our dog, Mylo, when he was sitting up on the hill behind our house as a young dog, surveying the landscape, listening and smelling for deer, coyote, moose, bear… as the ever-faithful guardian and lover of our family.
For 11 years, we were blessed with this beautiful, engaging, mischievous, energetic, joy-inspiring creature who often hummed when he was receiving affection from someone who loved him and would, on occasion, serendipitously throw back his head and howl as if connecting with an ancient progenitor – four breaths, four howls.
He’s gone, and I feel like someone ripped my heart out, and now I’m the one who’s howling.
Three days after Mylo died, I hiked out to our favourite spot in the woods, a place I call the enchanted aspen forest. I howled, from the gut, four times in honour of the dog who inspired me to explore the world with puppy-like curiosity. Some dear friends howled with me. When grief is shared, it’s not quite as heavy.
I designed this card in empathy for those who grieve the loss of a dog.
May you find a way to honour your friend,
give voice to your grief and gratitude,
and be comforted with precious
and joyful memories.