Violet Courage


5″x7″ Wild Little Violet Card and envelope
Photos and card design by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May troubles melt away
and the sun shine
on your face.


Story on the back:
On a dreary day in May, I went hiking in the Peace River hills with my dog, Ben. I usually bring my camera, but the landscape looked as discouraged as I felt that day, so I left it behind. When we got to the highest point of our hike, a little splash of purple caught my eye. Purple is my favourite colour, and, honestly, the little violet looked like it was trying to smile at me from under the snow. I hiked back down into the valley, slipping in the snow and mud, got my camera and climbed back up to find the violet again. I spent quite some time on my belly trying to capture the courage of this tiny flower.
The next day, I went back and was relieved and delighted to see that the wild little violet was not only surviving, but thriving. There was just one drop of melted snow left on one of its petals. And I smiled back as I got down on the soggy ground to take more photos.