Merry Canadian Christmas!


Photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

May every season of the new year bring you happiness and hope.


5″x7″ Canadian Christmas card and envelope

Story on the back:

Cover: Waxwing in a Mountain Ash Tree.                  Back: Peace River -40˚C.
A bit of berry and bird trivia: Mountain Ash berries ferment after frost, so the tree is sometimes referred to as a birds’ tavern. The birds tend to fly into windows and have trouble walking if they over indulge.
Inside: (clockwise): Christmas Tree with a Real Star, Pond Hockey, Wild Little Violet Snowed Under, Robin Singing, Spring Crocus Opening to the Sun, Moose Calf, Wild Tiger Lily, Honey Bee to Black-eyed Susan, Freshly-picked Strawberries, Wild Saskatoons, Prairie Lightning, Wild Rose after the Rain, Rainbow Touching Down on a Field of Gold, Squirrel in a Chokecherry Tree, Forest Canopy in Fall, Rosehips, Frost on a Wild Rosebush.