Wild Berries


5″x7″ Wild Canadian Berries Card and envelope
Photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB


Story on the back:
These are just a few of the blossoms and berries that grace Canada’s meadows and woodlands, blessing us with local food, wild and free!
The cover photo is of wild saskatoon berries after the rain, photographed in the Peace River hills of northern Alberta.
The first photo on the left inside the card is saskatoon blossoms.
Wild strawberry blossoms and berries are tiny, but these little red jewels pack an explosion of flavour.
The bee in the background image inside the card is diving into a chokecherry blossom. Chokecherries are tart, dark berries. I photographed them sparkling in the sunshine after a late summer rain. They make a uniquely-flavoured reddish purple syrup that is deliciously beautiful on ice cream, yogurt, or pancakes.
The last splashes of red inside the card are pin cherries, shown beside their delicate white blossoms.

See also our Bee Magic card, because it was the bees who helped bring this wild fruit into being!