Canada Lynx


5″x7″ Canada Lynx card and envelope

Photos by Amos Wiebe, Famous Amos Photography


Story on the back:

“It’s truly amazing to see these lynx out and about walking around on the top of five feet of powdery snow in the boreal forest, thanks to their large snowshoe-like feet!”
The Canada Lynx is an elusive nighttime hunter, feeding mostly on snowshoe hares. They make a sound not unlike a loud house cat. When they’re mating in March, it’s “…a fit of screaming cat chaos.” That’s how National Geographic described Amos Wiebe’s video of a couple’s courtship in a tree. The litter of 3 or 4 kittens will join in the hunt with their mother at three to four months and will grow to be about 60 cm tall.
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