Call of the Wild


5″x7″ card with envelope
Watercolour Paintings by Andrew van Herk, Calgary, AB


Andrew is a Canadian artist, living in the foothills north of Calgary. He has painted primarily with oils, but has recently been playing with a combination of ink and watercolour painting.
In his travels and hikes in the Canadian Rockies, Andrew has been privileged to see an abundance of wildlife and has taken photos to capture moments in these creatures’ lives. The images have inspired a series of over 35 watercolour paintings, and he’s still going! We’re happy to feature nine of his wild works of art in this card.
Cover: Howling Wolves
Inside: Mountain Goat
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel
Mountain Sheep
Grizzly Bear
Berry Hungry Black Bear
Back Scratcher
Back: Trumpeter Swans
You can see more of
Andrew’s work at: