Pygmy Owl


Photos by Amos Wiebe – Famous Amos Photography, Grande Prairie, AB


Give me five!

(or four)


5″x7″ Owl card and envelope

Story on the back:

The northern pygmy owl is barely bigger than a chickadee. It sounds like a wooden flute hooting in the forest. This feisty little owl looks like it has eyes in the back of its head, and it raises the outer edges of its eyebrows when it perks up. It loves to perch on the top of a tall conifer  to preen or look for something to eat.

Amos Wiebe is a renowned northern Alberta photographer. He will walk for miles and wait for hours to capture an extraordinary picture of what mother nature has to show him, whether it be
a magenta sunset, the dance of the northern lights, moose in a winter wonderland, or a little owl most people would never notice.

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