Great Grey Owls


5″x7″ owl card

Photos by Harshad Karkera, Calgary, Alberta

Greeting inside:

You are owl-some!


Story on the back of the card:

Great Grey Owls breed as far east as Quebec, west to the Pacific and north into the Yukon, thriving in dense coniferous forests. The young jump or fall from the nest at three to four weeks, and start to fly one to two weeks later.
This “Phantom of the North” is the world’s largest owl species by length, ranging from 61-84 cm (24-33″). Their wing span can exceed 152 cm (5’). They have been known to fend off animals as large as black bears when defending their nests.
Their large facial disks act like radar dishes guiding sounds to their ear openings. With a tilt and twist of their head, they can hear and locate a rodent moving beneath two feet of snow and plunge in to grab it.
Fun Fact: Owls can twist their heads around up to 270 degrees.

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