Mother Earth - Boreal Beauty of the Peace Country is a 12”x12” 288-page hard-cover book featuring the work of 32 photographers.

Our images of 386 species of plants, wildlife and fungi are captioned with common and scientific names, as well as French, and Beaver and Cree, where available.

Price: $85/book with free shipping on a case of 6

Flat Rate Shipping (1-5 books): $20 Western Canada; $30 Eastern Canada and U.S.



We have DISCOUNTS FOR SCHOOLS, and author, Sharon Krushel, is available to give Mother Earth presentations! Contact us!

To see inside the book, check out our two-minute tour on our videos and resources page

If you’re searching for a unique Canadian-made gift for a loved one or colleague (or yourself!), look no more. You have found the book of wonders.

Mother Earth is a luxurious, generous feast for the eyes that celebrates the wild beauty and biodiversity of the Peace region.

The book is meant to be both educational and whimsical with captions, quotes and anecdotes,

a sprinkling of philosophy and some fascinating fun facts.


You’ll find bears, bison, beaver, bats, bees, beetles, butterflies, blossoms & berries, moose, muskrats, moss, mushrooms, wildflowers, waterfowl, hawks and owls, lynx, cougar, caribou, coyotes, wolves, and a wolf spider with all her babies on her name a few. Oh, and a piebald moose and spotted Canada Goose! And, of course, chickadees. 🙂

Did I mention northern lights and aerial sights? Tree planters and pow wow dancers?

Well, you get the picture. A picture paints a thousand words, and this book has over 1,200 pictures.


Do you believe in the healing power of wonder?

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