blue sky framed with white clouds on a sunny day over the Peace River valley in the glory of autumn
winter, spring, summer and fall, the four seasons in northern AlbertaGlory-of-the-Seasons-3

Glory of the Seasons


5″x7″ card with envelope

Cover Photo: “Peace River Autumn Glory” by Randall Wiebe
of Rosebud, AB

Other photos by Sharon Krushel, Peace River, AB

Product Description

Description of photos on the back:
Left: Peace River -40°C. Below: Winter Wonderland
Inside: (clockwise): Christmas Tree with a Real Star; Pond Hockey on Lac Cardinal; Wild Little Violet under the Snow; Spring Crocus Opening to the Sun; Moose Calf; Wild Tiger Lily; Honey Bee to Black-eyed Susan; Fresh Strawberries; Wild Saskatoons; Prairie Lightning (Rosebud, AB); Wild Rose after the Rain; Rainbow Touching Down in Canola; Squirrel in a Chokecherry Tree; Forest Canopy in Fall; Rosehips Glowing in the Sunlight; Frost on a Wild Rosebush.

Our family had a golden retriever cross named Ben. For almost 15 years, he enthusiastically urged us to take a hike in the Peace River hills every day, regardless of the weather. Without him, I would have missed many of these beautiful images and the inspiring stories our seasons have to tell.


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